Saturday, February 25, 2012

Oh please, Will you stop this bullshit ?

The other day while watching one of the most nicely made movies I have seen, Taare Zameen Par, my eyes welling up even long after the movie was done, a question struck me. What made poor Ishaan transform himself from a dud in the span of less than a year? Whilst looking away all the cinematic considerations of the hero Aamir having to be the messiah, working long hours with the kid and eventually working magic through his care and affection taking a lot of screen space, there are a few minutes of reel space which I feel actually tell the true story of the kid. It starts off with varying success stories pointed out by Aamir, finally giving the kid the confidence to shy away from his losing mentality he was accustomed to, ends up making a model boat. What follows is like a piece of rainbow emerging out of a dark sky, the kid for the first time experiences stardom, an applause, an awe of look from people around him and in short - success. The movie leads up to an scintillating climax, where the stage gets bigger, the audience gets bigger, and the kid on winning experiences a success which got bigger.

Beats me so hard when I think of why success is often mocked at? and why is there a needless powershift glorifying failure as the best learning tool? Success helps you gain acceptance from people around you, there is no way your voice is going to be heard if you are an eternal failure. Like how it happened in the movie, Ishaan on his success was slowly accepted in his own circle. And there are these numerous confidence glorifying messages, but confidence leaves us with a classical chicken-egg scenario. Do you get success because of the confidence, or are you confident because of your success? Or the other allegation which is always leveled against Success - Success ain't that important you know. Ain't it an universal fact that everyone feels good about success more than a failure? Success is bloody god damn important at least for the simple fact that it makes you feel good, if not anything.

Well well, why then this success being made a less better teacher than failure? One reason I can think of is - this success is elusive and invariably everyone is going to experience more failures than success. So it does make sense for motivators to glorify these failures as learning lessons. Makes sense!!! And also there is this fear of the blinkered vision of people only looking at the end and not enjoying the wonderful journey. If in case, the end success is not met, one ends up cursing the entire path taken. A curse to watch out for, but definitely doesn't put a case stronger for having to glorify failure. Too much of this happening around out here!!!

Aren't we all hypocrites enough? When we all know that success is better than a damned failure, that success gives more joy than a doomed failure, why all this hypocritical failure praising? It's so damn similar to another hypocritical thought I keep hearing all around that money is not important for me. Oh!! Come on, you all know how much you require money to satiate your needs. There is just this too much of negative publicity for success/money alike. The question is are you scared of losing your way in quest for success/money or are you scared of handling success/money or do you just don't have it in you to go for success/money? Think deep and all our answers are the same, but our hypocritical mouth won't voice it out.

There is a lesson to be learnt in failure, no doubt, but there are much better lessons you get through an euphoria of your success. The quest won't be far if you can just break up your life to enjoy little moments of success, which can be aspired for. Don't go around doing this success bashing, be a pragmatist, we all know  the truth!!! Dhirubhai Ambani once aptly put it this way " I hear a lot of people saying money is not important, but I would like them to earn that much money to tell that it is not important.." Be a successful person before you can comment on failures, and to be one I feel we need to go around in search of Success - Be it small. It is after all this Success which will give you the confidence to face your numerous failures !!!

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