Thursday, January 12, 2012

Around the world in 79!!!!!

Hello readers , its me again,
for a change it aint sorrow or pain !!!
I'm to marvel the world around me,
i dunno where to start ... A B or C...

As the sun greets the sand,
as the sea wakes up ,
as the wind steers the ship big and small ,
my imagination begins to crawl...

Thank you Lord im in Indian sand,
strife , yet a peaceful land!!
I wish to migrate to the chinese wee,
learn their crafts , savour thier tea!!

off i go to the island Japan,
wealth of a craft , shrunk in a pan !!!
not to mention the mount fiji,
i haven forgotten my pav baaji!!!

Aussie land and the koala bear ,
my dreams dontland me there !!!
but i guess i ll make t there ,
my dreams???, bah!! i really dont care

off to europe , the swedish alps,
the italian women , andthe french winee......
the english villa and the finnish siness!!!

sign off in America , the land of dreams,
BEER,BIRD, BIKES!!!!ah dreams!!!

I wish , these all were mine!!!
around the world,
before i turn 79!!!!

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