Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On Cloud Nine!!!

When the mind doesn’t listen what the heart says and when one loses physical control of himself accentuated by a boring professor that is when you get into a trance. Your eyes close off although you know it should not. Slowly, you go on to lose your senses intoxicated by your newfound ecstasy of sleep and transform into a fantasy world of an extensive blue palette and staccato of white patches. Phattt hits a chalk on your head and zooms you into the real life, the next moment you’re caned. Damn those clouds they are ruining my life.   

Clouds were a fantasy, a world which is surreal and which was a no-go. Often they were used as threatening objects. “Stay away from those rain-bearing clouds”, advises a mom to her kids. In other instances, the dark clouds used to stand for everything related to gloom and sadness in this world. Damn those clouds again!!!

Instances galore where clouds have also been the object of hatred and have been vilified to the hilt. Clouds ruin your nice walk in the morning, ruin your easy travel across the city, send water right in to your living room and destroy your plans to have a nice football match. Damn those clouds again!!! In an ironical sense, clouds were blamed for being there and at the same time not being there. How are we going to survive this year without good monsoons? How are we going to manage the paucity of water this year? Why is it not raining today so that the school declares a holiday? Damn those clouds again!!!

A world of no clouds was considered the object of nature’s beauty although it left us all sweat in this sweltering heat. The blame was placed on the sun and never once on the lack of clouds to protect us from the sun. A beautiful day for cricket was described as one which had clear blue skies implying the lack of clouds although it left players complaining about the heat.

Clouds stood for everything that is abnormal to the status quo. Don’t you worry it’s just a passing cloud. Clouds stood for everything that’s fleeting and never appealed to a stable pacified peaceful mind. All through my life, I have not seen any other object that has been mocked at, looked down upon so much.

Fast forward to today. Clouds are the in-thing to be in now thanks to the new craze Cloud Computing. Microsoft, IBM, Google, Amazon they are all there, trying to outdo one other in launching cloud computing applications. Clouds have a new meaning now, they are now an object of reverence, an object of comfort and more importantly an object of low-cost.

Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand. Cloud computing is a better way to run your business. Instead of running your apps yourself, they run on a shared data center. When you use any app that runs in the cloud, you just log in, customize it, and start using it. That’s the power of cloud computing. Cloud computing is a simple idea that also reduces what you pay. One doesn’t need to invest on servers, software or other IT resources. When you run on cloud, you don’t buy anything.

So, all that has technology done for the common good of people, it has also saved the face of Varuna Bhagavan. Clouds are no more associated to the virtual world; they are now the face of our lives. Everything is transported to the cloud, as the matrix world now becomes the real life. So the next time you hear someone saying “I’m on cloud nine” Stop back and think. He might really be residing there!!!

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