Saturday, May 17, 2014

Open Letter to Fellow Gunners. Chill. We know our Class.

Fellow Gunners. Chill. The world hasn't turned upside down overnight.

I am sure a lot of you might have experienced the deluge of messages, calls, statuses and wondering what the hell has happened overnight. I went through the same thing, and let me assure you that all's well. Keep Calm, we still have Ozil with us.

I can understand your perplexion with the obsession of everyone around you crying 'Finally, you've turned of age' chants and taunting about a 9 yr-old wait coming to an end.

I know a lot of you want to say "What the fuck yaar?", but dont say it, I dont think they will understand. Because they are not fellow Gunners, you see. So, lets rejoice in our private amounts of happiness, and open a bottle of Romanee Conti or a Screaming Eagle Cabernet, sit by the window and toast a victory drink, and relive Ljunberg and Henry for a moment.

Many of us would have started watching Arsenal roughly the time around which I did. I started watching Football in 2006, and I can understand why all you got a near orgasm watching Thierry Henry combine with Viera and Pires, and the boy-wonder Fabregas. I experienced the same orgasm. Because, we were seeing magic on the field, it was like Mozart woke up from week on week to conduct one of his best symphonies. It was magic. It was mad. It was beautiful.

The kind of performances that would have made you forget that winning/losing was a needless byproduct, when all you were concerned was 'Why the hell did Arsenal play only 90 minutes?'. That was the kind of ecstacy we all got addicted to, and drugged us into believing trophies are junky pieces of silver as they went the next few years dazzling us with splendidness and awesomeness. The only regret during the journey, and which hurts the most of us would be when we were told we dint have enough money to retain people like Fabregas.

Not the trophies we dint get. Actually fuck the trophies. Who cares about them? I have found most of my fellow Gunners extremely pragmatic. They don't get swayed by and needlessly get obsessed with the trophies rant that goes on about them.

Look at the number of trophies that Chelsea has won during the same barren run of Arsenal. But, would we want to trade places and be where Chelsea are right now? Neveerrrrrrr. I can sense you wanting to pick a compass and slam into the retina and make damning concentric circles removing the eyeballs out of anyone who watches a Chelsea game. I know the pain, but lets strictly keep the discussion here to Football and not games of Bus Parking.

Finally, a 9-year wait ends. Monkey off the back. Feels good. Feels happy. Feels proud. And, hope its one of many more to come. Just because it makes us feel good. But, its ok yaar even if we dont win. Because that's not how we look at our Arsenal.

If a footage of the best moments of a PL season is made, we know that Arsenal will commend more than half the screen time. Even, if we get relegated.

Chelsea. Puke.

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