Thursday, July 18, 2013

Snippet 2 - The Election Rally

“Vikram this is going to be an important rally today, my guess is the opposition party will lay out their election manifesto and principal platform on which they are going to fight these elections today. Also it will be interesting to see if they will project someone as their chief ministerial candidate today – there are quite a few factions and some very influential leaders; it’s going to be a tough pick. Do you prefer the idea of revealing the identity of your top man before the elections or would you prefer it after the elections Vikram?”

Sometimes I have serious doubts as to whether Advaita asks these questions really caring for my opinion or just to test my complete ignorance on the topic. Actually I couldn’t still come to terms with the crowd that has assembled for this rally. It was scorching heat easily in the high 40s, but the people who had turned up had no qualms about it. They were everywhere – there was a huge section of people beyond the barricaded section which had no seats, my rough estimate would be a minimum of a lac people there.

Thankfully the press license got us cushy seats in the front right below the dais. Judging by the number of media persons who were there for coverage and the police, army and BSF people present, it did look like an important rally.

“Hey Vikram, look there Barkha Dutt and her entire crew is here, I never knew she is taking up these state elections. Vikram we have a fight for space against the big shots in the industry” Barkha Dutt is from the NDTV, I have met her once before during a small function. I noticed then and even today – she has a horrible and awkward sense of choosing her ear rings – so yucky.

“Isn’t her ear rings so cool Vikram? She has a very good choice of ear rings this is the first time I am seeing this one – this is killer. “It’s impossible to explain the fascination of these girls for going weird and considering it cool fashion. I hate it when they load themselves with all ornaments ever possible that could be fitted on to them. Half of them do it to impress guys, but someone should tell them we guys hate all this meaningless stuff they wear to call it fashion. A guy’s fashion wardrobe would be complete with an unwashed jean, a crunched tee, a pair of slippers and a watch. To wear a perfume would be luxury and it could complete his bridal set. As Jean Isaacs would have put it simplicity is the best beauty. But these girls will never understand.

The rally was supposed to start at 9 but it was already well past 10 and not a single politician had arrived. However, there seemed to be no concern among the people who were present there; they considered it a huge privilege to be even present there at that rally. Surprisingly for such a huge group of people the level of obedience and discipline was staggering. There were passionate chants and slogans, people were waving party flags enthusiastically, and the whole scene seemed like from a football match sans the hooliganism.

The hooting of the sirens was deafening, and more so when it came from more than a hundred cars at the same time. It would have taken a minimum of ten minutes for the sandstorm it created to settle down. For a moment it was like a human hostage scenario, an entire army was present there equipped with AK-47s, Kalashnikovs and a few more I have seen before only in Counter Strike. Every time a member got down, the loudspeakers played out a special song for him, and each one of them carried out a set of his planned entry steps. Once all of them were out, they stood in the center of the arena and posed once before the crowd who went ballistic with joy. It seemed like I was the only one who felt like watching WWE all over again. And the loudspeakers went again to welcome the final entry of whoever was in the caravan.

AILAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I wasn’t sure whether the mirage was playing tricks with my imagination, suddenly the temperature shot up by 10 more degrees; I could feel my whole body going numb, and my throat went completely parched of water. From the caravan, she blew a kiss for the crowd once before CHITRANGADHA SINGH walked over to the dais along with the others.

It seemed like my eyes were waiting for only this in life, it just wouldn’t blink however hard I tried. Chitrangadha was wearing a bright yellow sari with a red border which was tied up on top of the head, along with a head anklet which covered the rest of her hair. The head anklet matched beautifully in sync with her earrings which went a few layers down that it almost bounced and kissed around with joy with her shoulders. Her full array of bangles was visible which went up all the way down to the elbow as she rested her chin on those fingers and her arms lay tenderly on those crossed legs. A lot of people say that her nose is too sharp enough, but for me it’s perfect especially with the piercing she had done. Even a prick would have been enough to pierce such a soft nose. But the real killer piece was her necklace which rested right between her breasts. Whatever good karma had that necklace done in previous births to be where it was.

Everything in the world came to a halt. Everything. The chants around, the army of police in front, the scorching heat, everything vanished. My entire universe was Chitrangadha Singh. She was damn hotter in real life than the countless Youtube videos and pictures on Santabanta and other websites I have spent time over. There was literally not a single thing imperfect about her.  I realized I hadn’t blinked a wink in the last ten minutes or how much ever time had really passed.

Then I did. When it happened for the second time, there was no doubt it was at me. The first time I thought it was someone behind me. But she put out her index finger and pointed specifically at me the second time around. She gave a smile when I had finally understood.

From my childhood I was not very good at Dumb-C, had always considered it too girly. Those were Rahul kind of games, simply not for me. But how do I know that in the future there would be a dire need for that stupid-ass game in an important life juncture like this now? Chitrangadha was furious, she was waving frenetically at me. For a moment, I thought I should ask Advaita for help, but then decided against, she will only end up worsening my case.

This time it was obvious – I can’t mess up on this one. She was pointing at me and asking me to follow her. I saw her mumble on the ears of the person next to her and went down from the stage. She entered the caravan and before entering it gave a final indication asking me to come over. The doors went shut in an instant.

The message was clear for me; Chitrangadha was waiting for me inside the caravan. But why would she want to meet me? Probably she has a track of how many times I have seen her videos on Youtube. Surely it has to be something regarding that, and the fact that she is calling me alone would mean that I might be shot over for all my misdemeanors. In this sea of army and police people, none will ever come to know.  Or what if she wanted to just ..? I decided to take a chance, what’s the worst that can happen to me? Even if I end up being shot by Chitrangadha, it would be the highest honor of natural death that could ever be inflicted upon me.

She wasn’t inside the caravan when I entered but she heard me enter. She said she will be right there in two minutes and asked me to be seated inside. I was not sure whether it was Marc Jacobs Daisy or Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but the entire place was full of it. The caravan was actually a mess, there were dresses and shoes thrown across everywhere, magazines were all across the floor, hardly any place to sit down. I managed to squeeze in the little space that was available on the couch.

“This place is in a complete mess now, I haven’t quite got the time to clear these stuff out for a while, has been a very hectic week” How I survived another heart attack is beyond me. Chitrangadha was standing in the edge of the room; she had just come out of a bath. She was standing there sans any of her ornaments her hair dripping wet. She had changed over onto a different Sari, stunningly all black this time.

The Sari has to rank amongst the greatest innovations of Indians ever. Who cares about the Zero or the number system, if not us, the Chinese would have invented them a few years later. But the Sari could have been done only by us. It exactly knows what to hide and what to reveal all in the right proportions to set the right kind of ambiance. Always.

“Don’t mind huh, there is absolutely no space. I would have to squeeze in here only” Fuck all the Marc Jacobs’ or the Chanel Coco’s, the natural scent of a woman should be the most enchanting one ever. Chitrangadha was sitting so close that I could smell the scent of her just bathed body. How I wished the place had been messier.

“So how are you doing Vikram? I had long wanted to meet you; I am a huge fan of your articles that I haven’t missed out a single one till now. The main reason I agreed to come to this rally is knowing that GID will be covering this.”

SHE KNOWS MY NAME!!! By then, my body had become immune and resistant to any kind of shock it could take. She opened a bottle of Romanee Conti and poured a glass for both of us. She went on talking about her upcoming movies and the characters she was essaying in them, while I sat trying to control my constantly drifting eyes towards her navel.

“So you tell me about your current article you’re working on Vikram.” As I tell her about she sat enraptured and very attentive to all I was saying. But a glimpse of her eyes told me a different thing – one of a longing hope, and a delicious interest. I carefully avoid any cues my mind wants me to believe fully aware that I might be shot down the next instant.

She started running her fingers through her while she was taking a sip of wine from her glass. We were sitting perilously close by then I could feel her legs which were almost entangled onto mine. It was becoming impossibly human for me to control my emotions. This time it seemed too obvious. She held out her hand and let the wine glass ever slowly slip out of her fingers. It took an eternity for the crackle of the glass as it hit the ground, and the drop of the wine to land onto her lower lip.

The next thing I knew I was running through her hair ever so slightly and letting the drops of water wet my hand. She slid down a little letting my stoke her and she could place her legs on my lap. She had an endless pair of legs the kind that has exactly the right kind of muscle so that they don’t look skinny and just not too much so they look manly enough. I took her feet and gently caressed them a little planting a small kiss. She let out a small giggle, as I slowly slipped my hand up to her shin.

WHAT GIFTED PAIR OF LEGS WERE THESE!!! How much ever advancement I made, my hands kept sliding and tumbling down. Even a sculpted mannequin would not have been such porcelain like. She adjusted herself down so she accommodate a little more of me, and by this time I was literally on top of her.

I run my lips slowly across her ears as I could hear her moan, which I conveniently ignore. I could see her eyes shut, as I get a little manlier on her ears while I simultaneously let my hands slide on her naval. I could constantly hear her moans, which were getting a little louder and gasps out of her mouth in constant intervals. She tangled her feet around me in a vicious twist both of us went tumbling onto the floor. She hadn’t opened her eyes yet; she was down on the floor in an array of magazines, clothes and a part of her makeup kit.  The lipstick had painted a few unscripted but inviting designs on her cheek. The Adams’ apple on her throat made violent reverberations calling for attention. This was Eden for me but it was no sin I was going to commit; I was ready to show her the pathway to a forbidden pleasure.

It had long been my dream to make love on a messy floor, and here it was. Even in my wildest erotic dreams I hadn’t imagined having Chitrangada on a messy floor. But here she was on the floor waiting for me to run over her. Yo Baby, Here I Come.

I was on the ground run over by a swarm of filthy legs and farting asses, mud and sand all over my face; I was up to life by a barrage of gun shots. When I stood up I was being held at gunpoint as I watched Chitrangada escorted by an army of police personnel into her caravan. That selfish bitch didn’t even look at me once before speeding away in her caravan. It took an hour for some peace to restore and the entire clamour to settle down.

“These uncivilized rogues Vikram, all of them who have come here, don’t know how to behave in an important rally” So the rally didn’t even happen, just when Chitrangada had come on to speak the crowd barged on to the field creating a stampede and disrupting the proceedings.

SIGH!!! What it also meant was that it was not just the rally which didn’t happen today. 

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