Sunday, July 8, 2012

5 year plan - Approved

It's been a long time since I went high..
A sober time served the crude reality that I am twenty-five..
Fulfillment of my dreams doesn't seem nigh..
Penning the bucket list to heave a sigh!!!
Here's what I would love in the next five..

Booze, babes certainly guarantees a ball..

Top on my calender in the 2014 fall
To be at land of Samba cheering for the Dutch..
What will I give to get a Brazilian hitch

Let the BMW's and the Harley's wait..
All I want to do is to take up the bait
In a marathon should I run..
Crossing the line would be serious fun

I will jog for a mile even in the morning fog..
Please you belly stay away even if I hog
Even let a Baba Ramdev MMS scandal befall
I don't have the heart to handle a hairfall

Thinking of it makes me get real fidgety..
Will get one up on you damn Bungee!!!
One journey to the Poker table in Vegas..
Accompanied by Rainman would be kick-ass!!!

Don't think I have made it large as yet..
Bike trip to Ladakh would be the best bet
As happy and content I am with these
The road ahead doesn't look to wind down with ease
Mom and Dad, please give me some time for these!!!

To cork a poor guy's future life of its little holes
Is there a better way to heaven for you holy souls?
As the coffers cry for the sound of a metal..
Mani's 5-yr corpus fund eagerly awaits your nickel..

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