Friday, May 18, 2012

The week that was...

The most beautiful thing about sport is the thrill and excitement it gives you sending your heartbeats to levels higher than Gayle's sixes. It has so captivated my time that I effortlessly switched between a 'I don't want the title tussle' till the last moment between Manchester teams, 'I'm at better at this merry-go-round' F1 race and watching the display of amazing consistency and professionalism in losing by Deccan in IPL, when disaster strcuk.

I had just read the other day that cricket commentary was born in 1961, I'm sure it went on its deathbed when Sidhu entered in 2001, now in 2011 when Danny Morrison entering the comm box it has completely been burnt down and cremated a Gayle's six length deep into the ground. I'm sure if India TV conduct's a sting operation they will find Danny watching porn instead of cricket, not sure if even actors in that would have so much feelings (Knowing that it is this easy, we might even find our BJP MPs entering comm box in the future). So, when Danny (Is he the brother or agent of Sunny ??) and said 'Sachin hit the sweet spot and banged the ball effortlessly in the gap", I couldn't take it anymore in front of parents..Switched the channels to follow what's on around in India..


# A. Raja released on bail in the 2G case, on a surety of 20 lakhs.

Former telecom minister Raja has appealed to the supreme court to look into the surety amount of Rs. 20 lakhs. He feels it is highly unfair on him given the prevailing economic conditions. He reasons out the expenses of him having to book an Air India flight, and on its cancellation the booking of another last minute flight to Switzerland, completing his clearances to withdraw money from his swiss bank account where the minimum denomination is crores a paltry sum of lakhs and added to it the cost of foreign exchange, will surely work out more than the demanded surety sum of 20 lakhs. He has pleaded with the court citing his poor family income to reconsider the amount.

He also entered the parliament for the zeroth hour, and inquired well being of his friends and was unhappy that his fellow MPs did not plan a vacation to the family guest house in Tihar.

# Ambedkar's cartoon row send parliament into a frenzy, all cartoons removed from NCERT books

Following the row on the depiction of Ambedkar's cartoon implying the snail's pace in which the constitution was framed, Tortoise In Today's Society, fancily calling themselves TITS, has moved the court saying the depiction of the Tortoise as "slow" in childhood's story is highly demeaning to the animal. Speaking of which, TITS brand ambassador, Ms. Leone has promised that the organization will approach the PM as they find him a considerate man in understanding the Tortoise's plight.


# Rupee declines to all-time low

The decline of the rupee has opened unlimited job opportunities in the country. Speaking to the owner of Manmohan waste paper mart, he has said that there has been a huge spurge in people across the country throwing away kilos and kilos of waste paper. He has requested the government to print the currency a little bigger and photos of other celebrities as there is a demand for color posters among the youth.


# SRK enters into a fracas with security staff at the Wankhede

SRK is likely to be banned by the Mumbai cricket association, for his fist fight with the security staff. SRK insists that he just called out the guard's name Vikram and the guard got offended for it. Defending his actions, SRK has said, as a owner of KKR, it's only apt that I called him Bikram and his son as Birat. Arnab Goswami held a discussion on this issue of national importance the very same day.

Finally landed up with Set Max again, and goddamn Danny is still at it.."You betcha, another DLF Maximum  'FIX'.." For once Danny boy, you were right..

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