Thursday, January 20, 2011

Know your MTI

Every mom does this, shouts instructions to the office going husband and the school going children at the same time while handling four stoves of fire. Dad with Microsoft outlook on one hand and the plate on the other doesn't forget to pay heed to the constant deluge of info. Son with his last minute homework, although eyes fixed on The Popeye Show does well to stop with these and not pay heed to mom's instructions.

Haaa!!!A typical Indian family or a typical way of life ain't it? That's what we have accepted thanks to the glorification of a dreaded word Multi-Tasking. We watch our TV in P-in-P mode, catch with an school-time friend while on the wheels, never have less than ten tabs open while making our office report, never dare to enter the toilet without a newspaper. Multi-Tasking strikes again even when the tissue paper deserts us in the loo.This MT is a new age phenomenon where more is valued to less and MT factor has become the sole decision-making tool. Mobile phones are not judged based on applications, a conditioner+shampoo is preferred more, a two-in-one attracts more customers, the reason - It gives you the MT power. MT, a beautiful marketing strategy to cover up lack of product innovations and efforts, has successfully managed to create a need and a want among people of this entire generation. MT is no more ET, it is the way to go and people who are not able to are looked down with contempt and will be culled in accordance with Darwin's theory. Or is it really so?

Are we really gaining from this MT saga or a diversion of our energies into too many places at the same time leading to a gross loss of productivity? Will we be better off taking one thing at a time and completing it before we touch the next? Are we falling into the hands of a well crafted plan and losing ourselves in the plot?

It's for each of us to answer. Inevitable as it has become, our ability to handle MT will be the defining factor in our success in this fast-paced world. Success will solely be decided on this factor, your MTI (Multi-Tasking Index). Introspect and get your score for your health is defined better by MTI than by BMI.

P.S: For people who have a low MTI, its time to acknowledge the evil and channelize our energies so we end up becoming a King of at least one trade rather than becoming a 8,9 or 10 of numerous trades.


  1. MT....very beautifully shown as the demand of today, but how can we forget that this multi tasking is also diverting most of our resources. Theory of comparative advantage says we ought to pool in our resources in one single direction but running after this multitasking aren't we comprosing with the our ability to be more efficient.How come we be so sure of the shampoo that contains conditioner, serves the proper purpose of shampoo and is of good quality. In this race of multi tasking we at times are overcrowding the products with lot of things which are unwanted. My mutitasking with poppoye show actually eats my time, of playing with friends. Multi tasking is needed but not unnecessarily. It is to be given due thought so that it serves for our benefit & diversity & not foolishness...

  2. do an article on manufactured demand nxt!