Friday, May 20, 2011

All the world's a stage!!!

It just so happens that sometimes you find yourself searching for emotions when a long anticipated moment arrives. It happened to me this Sunday, as I had yearned for a peaceful day throughout the week. When the day finally dawned on me, I was haplessly helpless, unknowing what to do or how to roll the day ahead.  I sat silently and let time take which made me in course of time, the lead protagonist in this play. 

Take 1:

After mulling over countless options, I succumbed to my laziness as I picked out the novel I had intended to finish a month back. I was skimming more than reading, as the bard transported me into his own world.

“Blow, blow, thou winter wind,
Thou art not so unkind”

I suddenly stopped short while reading these Shakespearean verses, as I shook my laziness and scrambled for the dictionary. What does “thou” mean? Is it an abbreviated form of “though?”, though it could be the case, the concept of using “thou” in place of “though” would represent a literary blunder by the man who many (including countless editors at Penguin Publishing) consider the God of literature?  I flipped through pages of my dictionary to find that “thou” represented an archaic way of signifying “you”. Shakespeare was right in his own right.

Take 2:

I slipped deep into my couch, deeper into the book, only to awake to my frenzied cousin. A similar turn of events had led my cousin in his eighth grade to scramble for the dictionary, though the word in contention for him was not from a Shakespearean verse, but from his Harry Potter book. My unwarranted offer to help received no response.

Harry commands Ron in a Quidditch game “You better catch hold of it.” What does the word “You “mean? Is it an elongated form of “Yo?” meant to satiate the need for a longer version to refer to the second person, which aptly helps people in blame game? He flipped pages of my dictionary to find “You” represented an archaic way of signifying "Yo". On this note he flipped open his mobile to type a grammatically correct message to his friend “Yo there?”

Take 3:

Accidentally reading the message, his younger brother was in a fix over the word “Yo”. Unable to comprehend the message, he rushed to me for help, rather to my dictionary for help.

“Yo” represented an archaic way for signifying “U”, he read aloud from the dictionary. As he walked away, I was left wondering whether his rhymes book did read “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, How I wonder what U are?”

Take 4:

As I sat pondering over my cup of coffee, I was marveled at the wonder of the English language. I had to conclude that its real beauty lay not in the works of Shakespeare or Wilde, but in its open outlook to embrace every means of betterment. It has borrowed more from other languages and has been more open to trade in this modern world. No wonder, English is at the pinnacle of this globalized world and shines as the beacon of anti-protectionism.

The future looked unclear to me, as I sat wondering where to from here? Will we resort to the pre-historic age of adopting sign languages? If that were to happen, it will rightly reiterate the belief that everything in life is indeed a circle. 

Meanwhile, people who failed to understand this age-old logic have suffered by not anticipating a bear after the passage of a bull, and lay stranded on the Dalal Street not long ago.

Acknowledge the truth now or pay me a tribute when you are left stranded.

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